Why did Among Us become popular? Know the Reasons

Among Us is currently one of the games with the most players online simultaneously. So there are many people who ask themselves: why did Among Us become popular?

To help you solve your doubts we have prepared this article with the only intention of giving you the information about it. As all the tendency in the present time the popularity of Among Us was given in a sporadic and even natural way.

If you find this topic interesting and you want to know more about it, we recommend you to read this post carefully. That way you will be able to understand everything that we will explain next:

6 Reasons why Among Us became popular

In this section we have taken the task to mention the 6 main reasons why Among Us is popular. We also remind you that they are the main reasons but not the only ones.

why among us popular

Guaranteed laughs

The game mode Among Us is perfect for general laughter and fun in all players present. Since the gameplay is very entertaining and can be played between friends without problems.

So when played between friends the tasks become more entertaining. However you can also play with strangers and this makes that no one is alone in Among Us.

Free Game for Android

It’s no secret that the majority of players in Among U come from mobile devices. Since for these devices the game is totally free in the respective online stores.

Which makes it perfect if you take into account that it is also a game with a very low weight requirement. Which makes it an easy to get and fun game guaranteed.

Ease of Play and Installation

The installation of the game for both Windows and cell phones is very easy to do. Since the process works like any application or program in the case of Windows. In addition, anyone can understand the game quickly.

So there are many players who enter out of curiosity and end up delighted with Among Us. Since with a couple of games you already understand the function of each role within the available maps.

Recommended for children 10 years old and up

Among Us is an ideal game for children. Its simplicity and visual appeal is perfect for the little ones of the house to have fun for hours with their friends. Since children are the majority in this style of video games.

Live Broadcasts

Live broadcasts have made Among Us a very popular game. Many Streamers enjoy this excellent game of betrayal and guaranteed fun together with their friends or collaborators.

In addition the type of gameplay that Among Us offers is ideal to generate uncomfortable and entertaining moments for the participants. So both Among Us and the Streamers are benefited.

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