Tricks for playing Among Us at BlueStacks

Among Us is a game that stands out for its teamwork. Therefore the interaction with other players is a fundamental part of the game. Because of this there are certain functions within all the games that you can automate or simply use with the help of BlueStacks. Since there are great tricks to play Among Us in BlueStacks.

We know that you are many who enjoy the game through this popular Android emulator. For this reason we have created this article with the sole intention of showing you features that you surely do not know.

That said, we invite you to continue reading this article so you can know all the information we have prepared for you.

Excellent tricks to improve your game with BlueStacks

BlueStacks is more than just an Android computer emulator. Since within its settings saves certain features that may be interesting in your game. For this reason we will now show you 2 excellent tricks for Among Us in BlueStacks.

Key Assigner

BlueStacks offers you the possibility to modify the keys to be used within all the games you download into the emulator. Since the intention is to give you the opportunity to modify the game mode to your taste or convenience.

So you are automatically assigned within Among Us the ability to move with the keys: “W, S, A, D“. So it will help you a lot in the vision of the map while you play. Since you must take into account that the standard configuration is the default controls in android.


Which are on the game and work as a joystick with which you can move. For this reason, when using the key allocator you can move from your keyboard without any problem.

So if you want to use this tool you must press the following key combination: Ctrl + Shift + A. After pressing this combination you can completely change the default key configuration in the game.

To finish this process successfully we recommend you to switch to the keyboard and mouse key combination that you think is best. Then use the Among Us practice tool or “Free Mode” to make you feel comfortable before playing.

Macro Recorder

In Among Us performing tasks becomes repetitive and even a little annoying as time goes by. Since the magic of the game is based on the interactions between players and the missions are always the same. That is why using the macro recorder is one of the best tricks to play Among Us in BlueStacks.

Because even though it seems impossible the macro recorder can perform the tasks within Among Us for you. This works perfectly for the mission of passing the card. Because if you record yourself while doing this task correctly then the macro recorder will automatically do the task for you.

If you are interested in learning more about this useful tool, please visit the BlueStacks website. They have a post focused only on this tool that will surely help you improve your game.

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