Play as a Ghost in Among Us. Learn How

Playing as a ghost in Among Us is extremely useful for the development of the games. However, there are many players who decide to leave the games once they die in them. Since it can become boring but it is fundamental that you do not leave the games after dying.

If you want to know more about how to play as a ghost in among us and why to keep on playing we recommend you to read on. And that we have gathered all the necessary information on the subject.

Besides, after reading all the information you will be able to learn a lot about this great role within the games of Among Us.

Why play as a Ghost in Among Us?

Once any crew member or impostor dies in the game he becomes a ghost within the same map where he is. Because of it as we already mentioned you previously they are many the players that decide to leave the game once they die.

But this decision affects the game of the other players in the game of Among Us. Since in the case of the crewmen once they are dead they have possibility to continue with the missions or pending tasks.

For what when leaving the missions they are added to the rest of active players doing this way more difficult to win the game. Also while you are ghosts inside the map you will be able to cross the walls and it will be easier for you to arrive at each pending task.

play ghost among us

During these moments, whatever you are, you can help your team win considerably. Whether you are an impostor or a crew member. If you are interested in knowing how to play as a ghost in both roles we invite you to read the following section:

How to Play as a Ghost in Among Us

Playing as a ghost is very simple if you already know how to play normally but it never hurts to read useful tips. Because of this we have prepared for you this section where we will give you recommendations for the two possible cases where you are going to play as a ghost. Without further ado we invite you to read both cases below:

Crew members

The role of the crew is the most common within any game of Among Us. Since the selection of roles in each game is carried out at random. Because of this, you will find yourself in many situations in which you will have to be a ghost from the role of a crew member.

As we have already mentioned several times, it is very important that you do not leave the game once your character dies. Since you would be negatively affecting the experience of other players by doing so.

Once you die either in the hands of some impostor or because you were expelled from the ship upon receiving the majority of votes. You will appear on the map as a ghost. So you will be able to go through the walls and continue to perform the tasks that you have not done before you die.

We also recommend you to use the chat while you are dead. This way you will be able to talk to the other ghosts in the room (both crew members and impostors). This way you will not feel alone and you will know who the impostors are.


Being impostors after the death of your character when you are expelled from the ship you will become ghosts. Because of this you can go through the walls just like the ghosts of the crew but with a very funny difference.

The difference is that you can still use the ability to sabotage the ship. Because of this your function after death is to help your fellow impostor to close the doors of the rooms and sabotage.

We recommend that you keep up with the other impostor and wisely lock or sabotage the ship. Either to hide a body or simply to help them not to distrust the other impostor.

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