Play Among Us on Ipad. Audio Chat Included

Among Us is a game available through Apple devices. Both for iPhone and iPad. However, it is the latter that has an advantage over the iphone and is the way to play with your friends. Since playing among us on ipad is much more comfortable.

It is for this reason that we have gathered the information you need to improve your gaming experience. We know that many of you play with Apple devices on the Among Us.

Without further ado, we invite you to continue reading this article carefully. This way you will be able to get all the information offered.

Use the Picture in Picture of iPad OS

In case all players want to enjoy a game using only iPad as a device. Without a doubt, using Picture in Picture is the best option and the most recommended for its benefits.

Since this way you can have the call above the game and enjoy the gameplay without losing sight of the call. This is great in case of silencing the call at the desired time and you can also see the faces of your friends while they play.

play among us ipad

To make all of the above possible, it is important that all players make a call through FaceTime. This way you only have to leave the FaceTime app and return to the home page and place the call window in Pip format.

In this way, when you open Among Us in a normal way you can always have the call window on the game. Also at this point it is important to mention that in case the call is only audio the window will be shown in “Pause”. But this is only because the video is not activated but you can listen through audio.

As we already mentioned one of the benefits of playing among Us on Ipad is that muting the call in this way is simple. Because the mute button is just below the box dedicated to the phone. That is, just in the lower center of the call window through Facetime.

Final Recommendations

It is important that even if your friends can not play Among Us on Ipad you can still use this useful form of play. Since most players usually play with the help of Discord. However, this application does not have this useful feature.

So many don’t even know that it can be done. In case this is the case we recommend you to use Skype. Since this popular medium for making video calls has PiP.

Besides, all this that we have already mentioned is possible on an iPhone. However, the uncomfortable size of the mobile screen does not make it possible to enjoy the game. For this reason we recommend you from the beginning to play Among Us on Ipad.

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