Names for Among Us. Funny, Trolls and Couples

The names for Among Us are among the most emblematic and fun aspects of the game. Thanks to them you can cause laughter or simply identify yourself as a character.

Among Us has the feature of allowing us to play with the name you want. However, there are names in bad taste that are simply not recommended. Whether it’s simple nonsense or offensive words.

However, there are many funny names that you can choose and in this article we gather many that you will surely love. Therefore, we invite you to read each one in order to choose the one that best suits your personality.

Names for Among Us Funny

In this section we present you many funny names for you to use in Among Us. Each one is different and we recommend you to read most of them until you find the one that best suits you.

  • I will kill you
  • He is
  • It was me
  • Innocent
  • I’ll get you
  • You Carry It
  • I Didn’t Go
  • I Am Not
  • Armpit
  • Uroboros
  • It’s The Other
  • Don’t Vote for Me
  • The Impostor
  • Dirt
  • Anonymous
  • Faker
  • The Police
  • Spiegel
  • Slow Death
  • Pro Gamer
  • Cloud
  • Ezio
  • Detective
  • You Vote for Me
  • Your Daddy
  • Butler
  • Alien
  • Pedo
  • The Pins
  • Your Mother
  • Ass
  • Noob
  • Falloutero
  • The Piperito
  • Dummy
  • Raging Finger
  • Uroboros
  • Suspect
  • The Malote
  • Bastard
  • The Malote
  • Potato
  • Killer
  • Flipao
  • No one
  • The Matao
  • Don’t Get Me
  • Mute
  • Don’t Kill Me
  • Shut up
  • Sorry I
  • Judas
  • Herpes
  • DirtyAss
names for among us

Names Group of Friends Among Us

In this section you can find a series of options available for your names for Among Us among friends. We recommend that you modify them to your liking but take as an example what you are about to see below:

  • Naruto, Sasuke, Kakashi, Sakura, jiraiya
  • Anus, Viola Anus, Clean Anus, Smell Anus, Suck Anus, Anito
  • Iron Man, Thor, Spiderman, Hulk, Black Widow, Captain America.
  • I didn’t do it, I did it, I saw it, I was there, I wasn’t there,
  • Superman, Batman, Aquaman, Flash, Wonder Woman
  • Messi, CR7, Neymar, Mbappe, Ronaldo, Benzema, S Ramos.

Names for Couples

In Among Us it is common for many couples to play and have fun among friends or strangers. Even if it is a game where betrayal is the main course, the names in sets look very cool. That’s why we recommend a series of names for couples below:

  • Atheist / God
  • Bonnie / Clyde
  • Beauty / Beast
  • Carrot / Vegan
  • Cheetos / Doritos
  • James / Bond
  • Vampire / Blood
  • Batman / Joker
  • Jesus / Judas
  • Ripley / Xenomorph
  • Ratchet / Clank
  • Woody / Buzz
  • Jak / Daxter
  • I have a boyfriend / I am the boyfriend
  • Little Red Riding Hood / The Wolf
  • DonPepito / DonJosé
  • Shrek / Donkey
  • Kill Bill / Bill
  • CocaCola / Pepsi
  • Pay / Fantas
  • Metapod / kakuna
  • Frank / Einstein
  • Radiation / Chernobyl

Names with Double Sense

The double entendre in your names for Among Us can cause laughter among the players you meet. It also helps you to stand out from the crowd in the rooms you enter. For this reason we will recommend a series of ideal names for you.

  • Elsa Nitario
  • Elsa Duck
  • Elvio Lento
  • Elsa Pito
  • Elton Tito
  • Elvio Lado
  • Elvis Cochuelo
  • Elvis Nieto
  • Ema Amado Bustos
  • Henry Dículo
  • Paca Garte
  • Pepe Lado
  • Pepe Lotudo
  • Alma Madero
  • Debora Testa
  • Melcacho Rose
  • Paco Jerte
  • Keko Jones
  • Marc Tillo
  • Alberto Catesta