Missions Among Us. Know them all

One of the main features of Among Us is the missions available to the crew. When you are an impostor, the main mission is to sabotage and kill the crew members in order to win. For this reason it is important that you know that the missions Among Us available vary according to the map in which you play.

Since there are 3 different maps available at the time of writing this article. Besides, knowing the available missions will give you an advantage when it comes to being an impostor. If you are accused, you must respond quickly and be convinced that they are telling the truth.

Having said that, we invite you to continue reading to find out which are all the missions available in Among Us.

Missions Among Us in the Different Maps

As we mentioned before there are 3 maps available in Among Us. Also the available missions vary according to the map you play. For this reason below you can find the 3 available maps and all their missions.

missions among us

Skeld Map Available Missions

This is the first map of the game and is characterized by being the favorite of the vast majority of players in Among Us. For that reason we recommend you to read below each of the missions in their different available rooms.

  • Reactor: Unlock collectors and start reactor.
  • Upper and Lower Engine: Divert power and align engine output.
  • Security: See the security cameras and connect cables.
  • Medical wing: Send scan and inspection of samples.
  • Electricity: Divert power to the upper motor.
  • Cafeteria: Upload data and empty the trash can.
  • Warehouse: Give load to the motors.
  • Administration: Use ID card, upload data and repair cables.
  • Communications: Repair communications and load data.
  • O2: Clean O2 filter, divert power to O2 and empty bin.
  • Armory: Upload data, destroy asteroids and divert energy to the armory.
  • Shields: Divert energy to shields, turn on shields.
  • Navigation: Upload data, divert energy to navigation and stabilize direction.

Map Mira HQ Available Missions

The Among Us missions available on the Mira HQ map are characterized by being separated by long distances. For this reason it is a perfect map to play as impostors. Since there are many situations in which the crew members will be alone.

  • Launch: Make a diagnosis, divert energy and recharge engines.
  • Reactor: Unlock collectors and start reactor.
  • Laboratory: Sort samples, assemble devices and divert power to the laboratory.
  • Wardrobe: This area is only for passing through so it has no missions available.
  • Corridor: Repair wiring.
  • Communications: Divert electrical power.
  • Medical Wing: Divert power and perform scanning.
  • Office: Process information and divert power.
  • Greenhouse: Clean O2 filter and divert energy.
  • Administration: Turn on shields, divert energy and enter ID code.
  • Warehouse: Pour water to plants.
  • Cafeteria: Divert energy, empty garbage cans and buy drinks.
  • Balcony: Measure weather and destroy asteroids.

Polus Misiones Map Available

The Among Us missions available at Polus are strategically located and are difficult for the impostor to win. Since the size of the map is similar to the skelp map and the vents are usually smaller.

  • Outside: repair weather node.
  • Medical wing: Send scan and sample inspection.
  • Warehouse: Reload engines.
  • Armory: Upload data and destroy asteroids.
  • Communications: Restart Wi-Fi signal.
  • Electricity: Repair wiring and upload data.
  • Lab: Align telescope, repair drill and record temperature.
  • Boarding ship: Insert keys and navigation map.
  • O2: Empty trash can, upload data, fill jars and monitor tree.
  • Office: Upload data, use card and scan boarding pass
  • Boiler room: Replace water jug and open water path.
  • Specimen room: Upload data, start reactors, store artifacts and block collectors.