Key combinations from Among Us. Which ones are used?

Among Us is a simple game but with a perfect strategy to play with friends. Due to this reason there are many who think that this game can be played without any problem. But knowing which are the key combinations of Among Us will help you to play in a more adequate way.

You should also keep in mind that these key combinations that you are about to see in this article are for computers. Since in the mobile version it works differently.

If you are interested in knowing which are all the keys that can be used in Among Us we invite you to continue reading this article.


The Keyboard Combinations of Among Us

To help you understand how to play Among Us in Windows we recommend reading this section. Since here you will be able to know each of the key combinations of Among Us. That said, we leave you with the keys to be used in the version of Among Us for Windows or computers.

  • Space bar or letter E: They work as activation in case one of the skills that appear in the lower left part is activated. So it is considered as the action button within the game.
  • Esc: Key focused on closing any window or drop-down menu as: (sabotage, map, configuration, etc).
  • Q: This key works to kill the crew members when being near them. So it only works in case you are impostors.
  • A: Report dead body and call the meeting table to discuss what happened. In addition, this key can be used by both impostors and crew members.
  • W: Scroll key or move the character upwards.
  • A: Scroll key or character movement to the left.
  • D: Scroll key or character movement to the right.
  • S: Scroll key or character downward movement.
  • Arrows: These keys are mainly focused on in-game character movement. You can also move the selection within the game menus.
  • Alt + Enter: With this key combination you can change the size of the game screen.
  • Left click: This button is used to carry out actions within the map mini-games in Among Us. It also serves as a general selection method in the game (Menu, grids, sabotage, kill, etc).

How to Configure Among Us Controls in Windows

Since you have already known the key combinations of Among Us, we invite you to learn how to configure the controls. Since the version of Among Us for Windows gives you the opportunity to only use the mouse in case you need it. For this reason we leave you with the following steps to change the controls:

  1. The first thing will be to open the game.
  2. In the start menu you must open “Configuration” (the icon with the shape of a gear).
  3. Then just open the window and you will be in the “General” section. There you will have two options available for the controls: “Mouse” and “Mouse + Keyboard”.
  4. To finish, just select the option that says: “Mouse” and that’s it.

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