How to Upgrade Among Us. Find out how to do it

Among Us is a very popular game nowadays and that’s why updates are more and more frequent. Either to adapt to the increasing community within the game or to avoid the typical hackers and server flaws. For this reason many players are looking on the internet to update Among Us.

But do not worry. In this post we will mention the different ways to update the game. Besides doing it is very simple and does not take much time. So if you are interested in knowing how to update Among Us both in computer and mobile we recommend you to continue reading.

How to update Among Us in Computer

The new version of Among Us is currently available as a beta. So even this update at the time of this post is not available for mobiles. Since it is a beta it is in test mode. However, by using the new update of Among Us you will be able to continue playing with the community without problems.

Since the modifications designed in this beta do not affect the gameplay in direct mode. If you want to know what changes brings this new version of the game we recommend reading the following section. Since next we will show you how to update Among Us in Computer.


How to update Among Us by means of Steam

In order to download this new version of Among Us it is necessary to do it through Steam. There are numerous ways to do it illegally and the developers do not get any kind of benefit. That’s why we recommend you to update Among Us through Steam.

  1. To begin with, the first thing to do is to open Steam.
  2. Then you should look for the Among Us page within the Steam platform.
  3. To continue you must select with your right click on the game and click on properties.
  4. After that you must look for the “Betas” section to find the name option: “Public Beta”.
  5. To finish the update process of the game you must only select the public beta that you have found on Steam. In this way you can download the beta automatically and without any problem.

Updates in the New Public Beta of Among Us

The developers of Among Us have made clear on multiple occasions their intentions to eliminate cheaters from the game. Since it is no secret that there are more and more hackers in the games and this affects the game in general.

For this reason in this version they have begun to put hands on the matter. Since with a community of more than 100 million players Among Us aims to be one of the most played games of the present time. Having said this we will show you below the features added to the game in the public beta available by Steam:

  • New modes available for the taskbar.
  • Added the option to activate anonymous voting.
  • New symbols on the wires.
  • Finally, they added new cosmetics in the meeting room.

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