How to Sabotage Among Us. Tips and Recommendations

Within Among Us one of the most interesting and useful skills for the role of impostor is “Sabotage“. For impostors, sabotage is essential to win games. This is why many want to know how to sabotage Among Us.

So it is fundamental that you keep in mind that in order to sabotage it is fundamental to consider certain aspects. Like the position of the crew on the map where you are playing and more. For this reason we have prepared this article with all the necessary information to teach you how to do it without any problem.

If you are interested in knowing much more about how to sabotage Among Us we invite you to continue reading. In the following sections you will be able to know a lot of useful and relevant information about it.

What can be sabotaged in Among Us by being an Imposter?

Before mentioning the useful tips to improve your game it is fundamental that you know what can be sabotaged. Since it is fundamental to know it before knowing how to sabotage Among Us.


When the O2 is sabotaged in the sabotage window, the ship’s oxygen starts to decrease. So two players must go to the indicated points to repair the oxygen. So this sabotage is great to separate the crew members.


By selecting the sabotage skill on the “X” icon in each room the doors of that room will be closed. This last mentioned is fundamental. Since all room doors will be closed.



Reactor sabotage works the same way as oxygen. Since the time to repair it is limited and two players must go to the reactor room. Because unlike oxygen, the repair requires a trip to the same room.


By sabotaging the light, the crew’s range of vision is drastically affected. Since impostors are not affected by this sabotage. So it’s perfect for killing without being seen.


By sabotaging communications, the crew members will not have access to the cameras, the task list and the door log. It’s also great in case you feel threatened. By sabotaging communications the crew members will not be able to request a discussion meeting.

Points to Consider about Sabotaging Among US

As any game of strategy to achieve a successful result in each game is essential to practice and know the maps. Since in the case of Amog Us in the different maps the ways to prevent sabotage are different.

For this reason, knowing the ways to prevent will help you a lot to know the time it can take to repair it. It is also essential that you take into account that all sabotages have a reuse time of up to 17 seconds.

Therefore, we recommend that you do not use the sabotage immediately or as a Span. It is best to use this skill to separate the crew members and create doubts or conflict between them.

It is common for impostors to close the doors without thinking about it. It is even possible that they will begin to doubt you by sabotaging in the wrong way.

As a last important piece of advice, we recommend that you watch your movements on the map when sabotaging. Since one of the most frequent causes of expulsion from the ship in Among Us is that impostors stop to sabotage. Since to use this skill it is necessary to do so.

So we recommend you to pretend to do a mission and take advantage of it to sabotage or just do it quickly or alone.

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