How to Play Impostor in Among Us. Tips and Tricks

At the moment of being the impostor while playing Among Us you can feel a little bit of nerves but don’t worry. Since in this article we are about to show you practical tips and essential tricks so that you know how to play impostor in Among Us.

However, it is important that you always keep in mind that the purpose of the impostor within the ship is to win at all costs. This role is what gives the game its characteristic essence of betrayal and uncontrollable laughter.

For these reasons to fully enjoy Among Us you must know how to play well as impostors. Having said this we invite you to learn how to play impostor in Among Us in the following section.

How to play impostor in Among Us

To fully understand how to play the game of impostor in Among Us it is important that you know the ways to win. Since the main goal is to win at all costs as we mentioned before. For this reason we will show you the two ways to win below:

  • Kill the majority of the crew: This is possible if you are not discovered.
  • Sabotage the ship: If the crew members do not arrive in time to repair the ship, you win.

For obvious reasons the most practical way to win is to kill all the crew members. Since it is usually easy for the crew members to repair the damage. However, killing them all is not easy but it is the fun of the game.

how to play impostor among us

Tips and Tricks to Win as an Impostor in Among Us

The tips we are about to show you are of great importance to know How to Play Impostor in Among Us. Because of that we recommend you to read each one to know in depth how to be the best impostor of Among Us.

Be very cautious

This advice may sound a little basic but it is very important so that you don’t look suspicious. Since all the crew members are aware of every detail of the other players to discover who the impostor is. So you must watch your movements and not move or be detained for no apparent reason.

Find the Best Time to Kill

Before you want to kill you should consider the charging time for the skill. Since the ability to kill usually has a time between 10 and 60 seconds to be used. There is also a minimum distance in which you can kill.

Pretending to perform tasks is essential

In the same map where you can see the missions that you must carry out being impostors you will have suggestions to pretend. Very few people know this and it is perfect not to move senselessly around the map.

  • Keep in mind the average time of each task you are going to pretend.
  • Do not pretend to do tasks in an excessive way.

Use the Ventilation Grids

Around the map there are several vents that you can use as impostors. Therefore we recommend you to see where these vents are located. Killing near one of them can ensure you to hide quickly and move them to another area of the map.