How to Know Who is the Impostor in Among Us?

In order for the crew to win the game they must either completely repair the ship or discover the impostors on it. So this last way of winning mentioned is the most interesting and fun to carry out. Due to this, there are many who want to know how to find out who the impostor is in Among Us.

However, it is essential to mention that it is not at all recommended that you focus only on discovering the impostors of the ship. This will make the task of the impostors easier.

If you want to know more about how to find out who the impostor is in Among Us we recommend you read on. Since we have prepared a lot of interesting information regarding the subject for all of you.

Useful Tips to Know who is the Impostor in Among Us
In order to know who the impostor is in Among Us it is fundamental that you know the following advice. Without a doubt, if you get to know them in depth, you will be able to detect the impostors of the ship quickly.

Look at the Grids

The grids are the main escape for impostors after they have killed a crew member. So we recommend you to know where they are. When you find a body, you can go to the grate and see if anyone is nearby. However, we recommend you to do it quickly. You may be doubted if you do not report.


Return to the Rooms

One of the tricks for discovering impostors is when you find yourself in a room with two other players. When you leave, you leave the players alone, so going back in after a moment’s wait may pay off. So if one of the two players is found dead by discarding the other one must be the impostor.

Use the Cameras

The cameras are fundamental to know the position of the players inside the map. So using them will help you know where the players have been and thus know who are more suspicious. However, we recommend you to be especially careful. Since impostors usually use cameras a lot for the same reason.

Check out the Completed Taskbar

When a crew member finishes a mission, the bar at the top of the screen is reflected. This bar is designed to indicate how many missions are left to completely repair the ship.

That’s why we recommend you to check if the bar goes up after performing missions. If you suspect that a player is following you and you notice this detail, it could be the key to expel him from the ship.

Look at How They Communicate in Discussions

The timing of the discussions is critical to uncovering impostors. Since they usually tend to follow certain patterns. So below we will show you in list form the most common patterns:

  • Low participation.
  • Inconsistencies in their statements.
  • Exaggeration in their words.
  • Voting “Skip” when one of the impostors is about to be expelled.

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