How to Close Doors Among Us. Useful Tips

Within the role of impostors, the use of the panel for sabotage within the maps stands out. This skill will help you find opportunities to win the game after killing them all. Within the different functions available it is important that you learn how to close doors Among Us.

This can help you in case you need to win when the crewmembers are together and simply to occupy the corpses. For this reason we have prepared this article with the intention of helping you to improve as impostors.

If you are interested in improving your way of playing and knowing very good useful tips we invite you to continue reading the whole article. Since there is a lot of information we have for you.

Steps to follow to close the doors

With the sole intention of helping to improve the gameplay in the game the developers added the sabotage interface for imposters. This way the game can have a solid balance in terms of winning opportunities for both roles.

how to close doors among us

To make correct use of the ability to close the doors you just have to follow the steps that we will show you next:

  • It is very important that you are impostors in the game.
  • Inside the map press the “Sabotage” button, located in the lower right corner.
  • After you have done this you will have the sabotage window open.
  • In it the doors are marked with an icon that has an X in each room.
  • To lock a room you must press on it.

As important data we remind you that when you click on the icon of the Equis in the room you want. This is responsible for closing the room. So there are cases like the store of Skelp for example. That you can close up to 3 doors at the same time. Similarly we invite you to read the following section for more tips.

Tips on How to Close Doors Among Us

To help you know which are the 3 most important aspects of closing the doors we have prepared this section. Since we have gathered for you the most important and useful tips regarding how to close doors Among Us.

Lock up the crew

One of the best tips we can mention is to lock the crew members in their rooms. By doing so you can remove those you consider to be the smartest and eliminate them at the beginning. It also manages to distract the crew and creates false suspicions about other players.

Hide Crew Members After Eliminating Them

If you are alone in a room with another crew member and there is a grate nearby, we recommend locking the room and then escaping. This way you can escape from the area while the room is isolated. So it will take the rest of the players a while to find the body.

Fool other players

If you know where the players are, closing the doors while you are outside creates a giant distraction. Because that way the crew will be suspicious of each other and not of you for not being in the room in question.

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