How to be the Impostor Always Among Us?

The role of the impostor in Among Us is considered by many to be the most fun of the two roles. Since the tasks to be performed as an impostor are more entertaining according to the judgment of most players. Because of this, many people search on the internet: how to be the impostor always in Among Us?

But is it really possible to always be the impostor in a game of 10 players, only 1, 2 or 3 can be? This is the biggest doubt for those interested in getting an answer to the subject and that is why we have created this article.

Since we have gathered all the information about it and therefore we invite you to continue reading the whole article below:

How to be the Imposter Always?

As you are surely impatient to know the answer to the question; how to be the impostor always in Among Us. We will give you a quick answer. In Among Us it is not possible to always be the impostor. Since at the beginning of each game in a random way the roles are assigned based on percentage of probability.

This means that each player has the same chances in all games to be the impostor. Because of this it is common that in several games in a row you are the impostor. However, it will be a matter of luck and not some trick used.

That said, we also recommend that you read about other ways to increase your chances of becoming an impostor below:

Increase the Chance of Being the Impostor in Games

As we mentioned before in Among Us the only way to be an impostor is by means of random selection. However, you can use this trick that you are about to see to increase considerably your chance of being an impostor in the game.

  • To increase your chances of being a fake, we recommend you to enter games where there are 3 fake players. In this way, the possibility of playing this role will increase considerably.
  • To do this you have two options: create a public game with 3 impostors from the configuration of the same or enter an already created.
  • To enter these games you must enter the section “Online” and at the top select the number 3. This last one in the section that has as name: Number of Impostors”.

Be the Imposter in Free Mode

As being the impostor always in Among Us is not possible the best option for you is to use the practice tool. Since from this mode you can always be the impostor and at the same time practice in a solitary way this role to improve your skills. Having said that, we will now show you how to use the free mode.

  • The first thing is to open the game and when you are in the main menu you must select: “Free Mode”.
  • Once you have entered this mode you will be on the map and you must go to the computer in the base. From there you can change to the role of opponent to practice.
  • The base computer is usually close to where you appear with your character.
  • After opening the orderadr you must select the red folder or file named: “‘Be Impostor.exe” and that’s it.

False trick to be always an impostor

Many websites with false information recommend you to follow a series of steps that will not help you. In this recommendation they tell you to enter the free mode and then select the folder “Be Impostor.exe” in your computer.

Quickly after doing so, you should exit and look for a game so that the impostor can touch you, but as we have already mentioned, this trick is false.

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