Hide Name in Among Us. Step by Step

Hiding name in Among Us can bring your character much more stealth within the ship no matter what map you play on. For this reason this is one of the necessary tricks if you are looking for many more opportunities to win while being an impostor.

It gives us the possibility to confuse the crew after seeing them leave the areas where they found a dead person. Because not having a physical or invisible name in Among Us is usually uncommon.

For these reasons we recommend you to read in detail all the information that we will provide you below so that you can hide your name in Among Us.

How to Hide a Name in Among Us

In this section we take the task to show you what are the steps to follow to hide name in Among Us. However, it is very important to remember that this trick or strategy can only be carried out on mobile devices. So if you are a computer player this trick is not for you.

hide name in among us

That said, we invite you to read the steps to follow to be practically invisible in Among Us.

  • The first thing will be to enter the following link.
  • Once you enter the link already mentioned you must copy the white space between the quotes (” “). Since this space is the one that should receive paste in the game.
  • Then you go inside the game to the section dedicated to the name change (either local or online).
  • We selected in the bar dedicated to place your name within the game and you must press space.
  • The latter is to allow you to use the option to paste. Since this last step is to paste the space copied in the link of the first step.
  • To finish you just have to press enter or simply exit the bar dedicated to place your name in the game and that’s it.

To be sure that you have placed the copied format the write cursor must move a little after pasting it. If you have copied the quotes along with the space we indicate do not worry. Just delete them and leave the space.

Because it is not possible to hide the name in computer

As we mentioned before this simple but practical trick gives you a lot of secrecy within the game. Especially when you are the impostors of the ship. However, it is not possible to do so if you play on your computer or laptop.

Since this trick of hiding name in among us is considered a mistake of the game. Due to this simple reason only users have the possibility to do it from their mobile devices or tablets.

So we recommend you to take advantage of this trick while it is possible. It is very possible that in future updates this trick of being partially invisible will be removed or solved. Do not hesitate and use every possible aspect to win all your games of Among Us.

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