Hackers Among Us. How You Can Deal With Them

In any online game today, it is a common problem to encounter hackers. Because when a game becomes popular there are many cheating players who are looking for fun by ruining other people’s games. For this reason Hackers Among Us is becoming more and more popular.

In this article we will help you to know how to identify hackers and how to kick them out of the room. Because there are more and more of them and the developers are trying to find an optimal solution but as long as it doesn’t exist they have to be dealt with.

Having said this, we invite you to continue reading all the information we have gathered for you in the following sections. They will surely help you to keep your games free from the annoying hackers Among Us.

How to Identify Hackers Among Us

Identifying hackers may sound like a simple task to perform but it is not that simple. There are now easy-to-use hacks that can be activated and deactivated at the player’s leisure. This is a serious problem when it comes to identifying who the hacker is and who he is within the games.

Players can spend long periods of time in the rooms and then activate the hacks when they are important, for example. This is the most important point to know who the hacker is. Most hacks work by allowing multiple consecutive crew members to be killed and/or by eliminating voting time.

For this reason you should always keep in mind that when you cannot vote in games it is because one of the impostors is using hack. The cheaters are looking for a way to favor them when they are impostors.

But don’t get too confident. Since there are hacks focused on breaking through walls that can be used at any time regardless of the role. This means that while a crew member is alive he can move around on the map like a ghost.

In these cases, just seeing that kind of unusual movement on the map should drive the player out of the game. Since it can considerably affect the fun of all players by having such an excessive advantage.

hackers among us

Kicking Hackers Among Us Out of Games

As we mentioned before, expelling hackers is the best way to continue playing the game correctly. For this reason, we present this section where you can learn how to do it without any problem.

Ejecting the Hacker During a Game in Progress

You must bear in mind that you cannot expel hackers during a game in progress. For these cases the only possible way to get rid of these annoying cheaters is to first make sure that there is indeed a hacker. Because if you don’t pay attention, you may expel an innocent player.

Then you have to click on the button to request a discussion and expose the hacker there in front of everyone. This way everyone will know who the hacker is and will be able to vote him out of the room. To do this you must follow these steps:

  • When you are in the discussion window in the game of Among Us, click on the button with the shoe icon. This icon refers to a kick and is focused on sending votes to expel a player from the room.
  • After exposing the hacker, all or most of the players in the game must click on the button: “Kick”.
  • After the majority presses this button the player in question will be expelled from the game room automatically.

Kick out the Hacker in the Game Lobby

To expel the hacker while the game is not yet started is much simpler and in fact is the most effective method. Since the previous method is impossible to perform when the hacker blocks the chat time in the discussions.

So usually when the hacker has already killed everyone and won the game hopelessly. When all the players appear again in the game lobby it is the perfect moment to kick him out of the room.

To do this you must bear in mind that only the owner of the room or the admin of the same can expel players. Having said that, we recommend you to follow the next steps:

  • Press the button in the shape of a shoe that alludes to a kick as in the first case explained above. Note that this button appears when you open the chat.
  • Then you must select the player in question and simply click on Kick or Ban to expel him from the room.

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