Future Changes for Among Us

There are many rumors that have circulated about Among Us and the possible news it will bring. However, it has already been confirmed that Among Us 2 will not be launched. Since the creators have informed that they have decided to make future changes for Among Us.

Because of this there are many constant players of Among Us that are wondering what those changes are, for this reason we have created this article to explain each one of those changes in the future.

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Among 2 is Officially Cancelled

Inner loeth is the developer of the successful indie game Among Us and they are the ones who confirmed this news. Because of the undeniable success of this first version of the game they decided to take advantage of the immense community and improve the current version.

Without a doubt it is the best possible decision. Since this way all those that have the game at the present time will only have to update their game and continue the experience without losing anything. Taking into account that there are many players who decided to make micropayments to improve the appearance of their characters.

The main reason why they thought of creating Among Us 2 is that the code of the current version is very outdated. Due to this, improving the game considerably to give it a different twist is impossible.

Nevertheless when seeing that Among Us is the most sold game of Steam and the most played game of the 2020. They simply decided to give up on that idea and strive to improve the first version of the game to more not be able to.

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What are the Future Changes for Among Us?

As we mentioned in the previous section there are several updates that were going to be part of Among Us 2. And these updates will be adapted to the current version so the most important ones are related to functionality. Having said that, we present you the 4 future changes for Among Us below:


There are currently 4 servers available in Among Us. Because of this it is frequent that the game presents failures in them and falls down during games. Occurring this way the classic “I take the game out”.

Because of this the developers of the game have promised better servers to avoid this type of falls. Because it can be very annoying if it happens frequently.

Daltonic Support

Due to the immense amount of players in Among Us it is frequent that people with problems to detect colors cannot play. Since the only way to be able to accuse a possible impostor is through his color or his name.

Being the latter something much more complicated to see. For this reason the developers want to give Among Us more accessibility for colorblind people.

Friends and Personal Accounts System

The buddy system you want to add in future changes for Among Us will be great for playing with our friends. It also makes the game experience more enjoyable.

Since we all have happened to know someone within a game but when you leave you never see him again. Because of this with this new system you can add players within the same game and not lose contact.

New Map

To increase the number of available mapping options the developers of Among Us are creating a new map. It is not known for sure when it will be ready but they have promised a new map that will meet all expectations.

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