Free Mode Among Us. How to Use It, Set It Up and More

The free mode offers us the opportunity to practice and at the same time get to know the different maps in Among Us. Because of that using the free mode Among Us is essential for all new players who want to know how the game works.

In addition, using this free mode or also known as practice tool in other games is extremely simple. So if you are looking for information needed to use this mode in the game you are in the right place.

Since we have created this article to help you in accessing this mode of play through a practical step by step. Without further ado, we invite you to continue reading all the information in detail below:

How to Access the Free Mode Among Us

As we mentioned earlier in this section we are about to show you the steps to follow to access the free mode of Among Us. If you have no experience on the subject may be a little complicated just read it but do it is very simple.

free mode among us
  • The first thing is to open the game and wait for it to load completely on your device. Whether it is a mobile or a computer.
  • After you are already in the main menu of the game you must press the button located in the center of the name: Free Mode. If you can’t find the button you should take into account that it is just below the button with the name: “Online”.
  • When you press the “Free Mode” button to the right of this button, the names of the 3 maps available in Among Us will appear. Because you can practice in any of the maps.
  • To continue you only have to press the button of the map you want to try and your character will appear on the map.

Since you know how to access the free mode of Among Us now for sure you want to configure it to have access to quests and more. If this is your case we invite you to read the following section where we will explain you how to do it.

Configure the Free Mode Among Us

Since you know how to access the free mode of any of the maps available on Amog Us you should now know how to set this mode. Since you can only move when you enter this mode. To help you in this task we prepare the next step to configure the free mode of Among Us:

  • At the time of entering the map you will find yourself alone at the discussion table so you must approach the computer. Since this computer is located near the place where you have appeared to enter and is identical to that used to configure games.
  • When you have found the computer, you will see a button at the bottom right of your name screens: “Customize”. You must press this button and you will have access to the configuration menu for the free mode.
  • On this computer you can access all the folders with the names of the rooms on the map to activate the missions you want to try. You should also take into account that it is possible to mark all of them so that you know each of the missions on the map that you have chosen.
  • In the last red folder you must select if you want to practice as an impostor. By doing this you can access all the skills of this role and kill the crew members who are on the ship.

We recommend you to use the free mode whenever you want to know a new map. Since it is common for players to play only on the Skelp map and Polus and Mira HQ are very different in terms of rooms and dimensions.

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