What does it mean to be founded in Among Us?

Within the community of players of Among Us the phrase “Funar” is widely used. Usually in games with large communities it is normal that unique phrases or words from the game are generated. For this reason knowing what it means to be founded in Among Us can help you to understand much better the discussions in the games.

Since it is a very popular term you will surely hear or see it many times. Because of this we have created this article to give you an understanding of the meaning of this phrase and its possible origin. Having said that, we invite you to continue reading the whole text in detail to understand everything related to it.

Where the term Funar comes from and what it means

As we already mentioned, just starting this article in all games with large communities is common to create words or terms. However, in the case of the word “Funar” its origin is previous to the creation of Among Us.

Since the term “Funar” comes from Chile and its meaning is: to express in a public way dislike or repudiation towards an entity or person with the intention of making their bad actions known.


In addition, this term is used in Chile mainly when the expression of public displeasure is in front of the headquarters, domicile or entity of the individual. This is because such actions are carried out mostly in places where atrocious crimes have been committed.

That said, the term Funar can be taken as a public denunciation. Furthermore, because of the reasons for which it is carried out, it has an obvious negative connotation. In fact, it can be considered that before the term was used in Among Us.

Many people did it on social networks. Since it is public knowledge that in 2020 there have been many public denunciations in social networks for various reasons.

It is also important to know that funas often have legal consequences. Since at a legal level can be taken as slander or in the case such crime of collective injury.

What does it mean to be Funado en Among Us?

Since you have known where the term funar comes from in the previous section it is time to relate it to the game Among Us. In this game it is common the confrontation between players in order to get all the impostors.

Because in every debate the main mission is to discover the killers within the group. For this reason one of the most amusing aspects of the game is to accuse your friends or shipmates based on previous suspicions.

So even though the term has legal and delicate connotations in the real world The term smoking inside Among Us is nothing more than accusing a player until he is expelled from the ship. For this reason, when you are inside a game you will find yourself with this phrase a lot.

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