Delete Ads Among Us. Find out how to do it

Among Us is mainly characterized by being a free in-store game for iOS and Android. For this reason and as a monetary remuneration. The creators of this game use the ads to generate constant income. However, there are many players who seek to remove Among Us ads on Google.

Because of this, this time we took the task of collecting for you the necessary information to remove these ads. We know how annoying it can be to run into an ad every time you finish a game.

It also interrupts the flow of the game you want to play in Among Us. That said, we invite you to continue reading all the information we have for you below:

How to remove Among Us Ads in Android and iOS?

It seems to be an illegal and somewhat dishonest task but the truth is that the creators of Among Us allow you to do it without any problem. As we mentioned before the intention of the ads is to generate constant income.

delete ads among us

That’s why there is a legal way within the game to eliminate such annoying ads that frustrate so many players. To help you with this task we have prepared a series of steps to follow that we present to you below:

  • The first thing will be to open the game. Since it is within the game that you can remove advertisements Among Us.
  • After entering the game you will find the main menu characteristic of the game. In this menu you must go to the bottom exactly to the icon shaped like a dollar.
  • Click on this icon and a new window will open with which you can make micro payments. In this tab you can buy skins, hats, pets and other items focused on the customization of your character.
  • Once you have the window open at the top of that window you will see a section called: “Remove Ads”. As we mentioned, it is possible to do it legally.
  • To continue you must select this box or section already mentioned and you will see below the character a box that says “Remove All Ads”. It will also show you the price to pay for the function.
  • This price is only 2,19 ? and finishing the payment process is very easy. You only have to follow each of the steps indicated.

Final Recommendations

As we already showed you to remove ads among us you must pay a low amount of money. However, to do it from your Android or iOS it is important that you have your credit card affiliated to the store account.

In addition, the payment process in these mobile operating systems are usually very simple and intuitive. So if you have doubts about how to do it, don’t be afraid to try.

We assure you that after making the payment successfully you will be able to enjoy Among Us in a fluent way and without any advertisement. Besides, the payment process is the same for any item within the game.

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