Curiosities of Among Us. Interesting data you don’t know

Among Us became one of the most popular games of 2020 overnight. Since it can even be considered as the revelation video game of 2020 over the successful game Fall Guys. For this reason it will be interesting for you to know certain curiosities of Among Us that for sure you don’t know until now.

Since being a new title there are few popular data of the same one. As the time that was carried out for its creation, the quantity of people involved and everything related to Among Us 2.

If you are interested in knowing a little more about this fun and successful game called Among Us. We invite you to continue reading this article in detail.

5 curiosities of Among Us that you surely don’t know

As we already mentioned, there are many interesting curiosities about among Us. For this reason in this section we have gathered for all of you 6 excellent curiosities about Among Us that you may find interesting. So we recommend you to read them all to know every detail about this excellent game.

  1. Among Us was created by only 3 people

As impressive as it sounds, it’s true. Since only 3 people were needed to create Among Us. It may sound impressive since it is public knowledge that just like the movies, it takes many people to create a video game.

In the case of Among Us only the following people were involved in its creation: Marcus Bromander, Amy Liu and Forest W.

  1. Among Us 2 was cancelled

It may sound like sad news but the truth is a good thing. After noticing the overwhelming success of Among Us, the creators of the game have made the decision to improve its original version. At first the intention was to create Among Us 2 with new features and novelties

But they have made it known through Twitter that such features will be added to the current version of the game.

  1. Among Us I had 12 Months of Development

If we consider that only 3 people were involved in the creation of Among Us 12 months of development is impressive. Since to design such an innovative game it takes a lot of time to work on it.

  1. It is available from the year 2018

Although 2020 Among Us will reach its peak of popularity and players within the game. It was launched to the market in the year 2018 passing in an unnoticed way by the immense majority of players that today enjoy the game.

  1. It is the third most played game of Steam at present

It is currently the third most played game on the Steam platform. So it can be considered as one of the most successful games if we consider that the Steam version is paid. Since it is focused for computers with the Windows operating system. So when combining the players on cell phones the figure is higher.

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