Crewmate Among Us. How to Win, Tips and Tricks

In Among Us you can play on two different sides, impostor and crewman. In this case we will show you how to play Crewmate Among Us and not lose in the attempt. Since it is more frequent that you have to play in this role. Because there are always more crewmembers than impostors inside the ship.

However, this does not mean that it will be easier for you to play as a crewman but it does mean that it will be a little less stressful. For these reasons we have already mentioned that knowing the tips we are about to show you will help you a lot to win as a crew member.

How to Play as a Crewmate Among Us

The crew members have a specific purpose within the ship and in order to win within this role there are only two possible ways:

  • To discover the impostor or impostors of the ship.
  • Complete the missions and fill the task bar.

The two forms already mentioned to win are valid and recommended. However, we recommend that you never stop performing tasks. This way you will be sure to win in case you never discover the impostor. In addition, when the bar is raised, the nerves of the impostors increase and they often make mistakes, thus giving away their identity.

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Tips and Tricks for Discovering Imposters

To help you win all your games as Crewman Among Us we present a series of very useful tips and tricks. We also recommend that you read each one so that you know all the information in depth.

Don’t stop doing your homework

As we already mentioned, stopping tasks provides support for the ship’s impostors. Since this way they give more time to the impostors to continue with the massacre inside the ship. However, never forget to be cautious while performing tasks. There are some solitary areas where you can be sure to get your hands on it.

Watch the Other Players

Taking into account the movements of the other “crew members” can give you valuable information at the time of discussion. Since impostors do not have missions inside the ship and are forced to pretend to perform them. In addition, strange behaviors such as changes of direction or regret when entering a room are often obvious indicators.

Repair Sabotage

One of the ways you can lose as a crew member is by sabotaging the ship. In case you don’t repair it in time, the impostors will win the game. Therefore, we recommend you to take this into account and at the same time look at who is repairing and who is not.

Don’t stop playing if you die

When you are Crewman Among Us once you die you will become a ghost but the game is not over yet for you, since you can keep increasing the task bar by doing the same missions you already had pending.

Report the Corpses you find

Reporting the dead bodies is essential to get information. Therefore, you should report every body you find so that you can consult with the other crew members of the ship about what happened. Once you enter the discussion make sure you clearly mention where the body was and if you saw anyone near the area

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