Configure Game Among Us. How to do it?

In order to have fun with your friends or strangers, it is important to set up the Among Us game properly. Since when not doing it the quantity of available missions for games can be many or very few. As well as the speed of movement of the crew and other important aspects.

For this reason we created this article where we will explain you how to configure game Among Us. Since it can be a little confusing at the beginning and we know that what you are looking for is a perfect and optimized game room.

Without more to say we invite you to continue reading all the information in a detailed way. Since that way you will be able to understand and then apply the knowledge that we are about to show you next:

How to Configure Game Among Us?

Before showing you the different steps to follow to modify the configuration of the games it is important to mention that only the creator can do it. When you enter a public room you will be one of the crew and it is the admin of the room who can do it.

Because of this, if you want to change the configuration aspects of the games you must create a new room in order to be the admin. In addition to this method, there is also the possibility to become the admin of a public room.

configure game among us

Since when leaving the game the first one who enters the lobby after leaving becomes the admin of the room. Without further ado we will show you the steps to follow to configure the games in the following section:

Steps to follow to set up game among us

As we mentioned before in this section we will mention the necessary steps to configure the games in Among Us. We recommend you to read each step in order to understand how to do it.

  • The first thing will be to create a game as we mentioned in the previous section.
  • Then you must go to the computer located in the center of the lobby of the game you have created.
  • Once you are close enough to the computer located in the center of the lobby you must press the button: “Customize”. This button is located at the bottom right of your screen and is only available when you bring your character close to the computer.
  • Once you press the button: “Customize” you should select the “Game” tab from the upper menu located in the window you have opened. This tab is the last one of the optimization window and is located right next to Disguise.

Once the previous steps have been carried out, you will have access to the configuration of the room you have created. However, there is a possibility that you do not know the aspects to be configured. For this reason we recommend you read the following section where we will explain each configurable aspect of the room.

Configurable aspects of the rooms in Among Us

After opening the configuration window on the lobby computer you are now probably wondering what you should change. For this reason we will now show you each configurable aspect of the games so that you can configure game Among Us.

  • Emergency Meetings: This is the number of times each player can touch the emergency meeting button.
  • Emergency Reload: Is the time to reload so that the emergency button can be used.
  • Discussion Time: The discussion time as the name suggests is for discussing current situations. Therefore, you cannot vote during this time.
  • Voting Time: During this time, the discussion is usually continued but with the possibility of voting to expel crew members.
  • Player Speed: It is the speed of movement of the players.
  • Crew’s Vision: You can reduce or increase the range of vision of the crew in the game.
  • Impostor’s Vision: The vision of the impostor or impostors can also be considerably increased or decreased.
  • Kill Reload: This is the reload time for the kill skill available to the ipostor(s).
  • Common Tasks: These are the tasks shared among crew members.
  • Long Tasks: You can increase or decrease the number of long missions.
  • Short Tasks: You can also decrease or increase the amount of short missions.

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