Among Us VR Chat. Differences from the Original Version

Among Us VR Chat is a version of Among Us available in 3D and created by the user name: Jar. Since the game is a product of a fan of Among Us. So being a novelty many wonder how different is the gameplay of both versions.

Because of this we have taken the task of showing you every difference in terms of gameplay. Since the version available in VR Chat has a map with the same rooms and proportions as the original version.

If you are interested in knowing all these differences we recommend you to continue reading this article. Since we have prepared the main differences and we show them to you below:

Differences between Classic and Among Us VR Chat

The most obvious difference is the 3D look. Since it is a virtual reality game the main difference is its three-dimensional aspect. However, they share many similarities such as the missions and the placement of each room within the Skelp ship.

Since the intention of the user who has recreated the game is to be as faithful as possible to the original game. But it is impossible to comply with all aspects and therefore there are other differences. Like the grids for impostors and the way of voting. For this reason we will explain in depth these main differences below:

among us vr chat

The Imposters’ Grids

In the case of the grids available only for impostors, it is impossible to maintain that automatic room change by going inside. However this change brings a very good advantage to this new version of the game. When you enter the grids located around the map you will be able to walk over the heads of the crew members.

Because you must walk through the ventilation ducts and to know who is in the room you only have to look down. Since there is an air outlet space available in most facilities just like the original version.

This only difference gives a greater sense of suspense while you are the imposter of the ship. Since watching your victims from above while they don’t imagine you are there is much more immersive and fun to do.

Voting form

In Among Us VR Chat the discussions work differently. When called into the room, everyone can move around and chat in different spaces in the Skelp dining room.

So it is possible to be discovered as impostors in a simpler way in case you don’t like it. This is because you can notice much more in the movements and in your participation in the discussions.

As for the way of voting in this version you should approach the screen located just in front of the dining room table. To vote for the crew members you must press the name of the crew member with your laser pointer. This makes it possible for everyone to see the players’ votes.

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