Among Us Skills

While inside the ship of Among Us all players can make use of certain skills. Since these skills are those that allow us to perform actions within the games. Due to this, knowing which are and which functions they have is fundamental to play properly.

Some of them are essential if you are an impostor and others are ideal to win the games if you are a crew member. In the same way for both cases it is important to know all of them.

Having said this we invite you to continue reading and getting to know each of the Among Us Skills and thus improve your experience within the game.

Among Us Skills. Know What They Are and What They Are About

As we mentioned before, some are only for exclusive use according to the role you play in each game. However, knowing all of them will help you to understand the game in depth. Without more to say we present you each one of the Among Us available skills:

among us skills


Report” or “Reporting” skills are a must within the game. Every time you come across a dead body you will have to report it to get to the discussion table. This is where the games take place, because at the discussion table you can gather information about what happened.

Once this skill is used all the players of the ship will automatically go to the central table to discuss what happened. You must also take into account that both impostors and crew members can use this skill.


This is one of the Among Us skills that only works for impostors. Since for this role it is one of the most important skills due to its functions in the ship. Because with its help you will be able to perform actions on the ship.

Like closing doors in certain rooms to hide bodies that you have left behind or sabotaging critical areas like the oxygen and the reactor. When an impostor sabotages these areas, the crew must go to repair them before time runs out and they lose their game.


To use this skill you must go to the administration panel. Once you interact with it, a window will open indicating where the players are located in real time. However, you can not identify the colors from this window only the location. It can also be used by impostors and crew members.


This in-game skill can be used by both impostors and crew members and with it you will have access to the map’s cameras. These cameras are located only in specific places like important corridors but not in rooms.

Also when someone uses the skill the cameras in those places are lit with a red color so that others know they are being used.


This is another of the Among Us skills that can only be used by impostors. Since its function in giving access to the vents as a means of camouflage or escape.


This ability gives the crew members the power to kill the crew members. For this reason it can only be used by impostors. In addition, the distance between players to use it is usually relatively close and it usually has an activation time after use.