Among Us Playing with Friends. Find out how to do it

Without a doubt Among Us is a game designed to be played among friends and enjoy the experience. Since the same creators have said repeatedly that they recommend playing the game via wifi and all in the same room. Due to the fact that when enjoying Among Us playing with friends the fun is multiplied considerably.

For these reasons already mentioned the immense majority of the players in some moment invite their friends to have fun in Among Us. However, not all people know the process to do so.

You must create private games where only your friends have the room code and avoid unknown players. If you are interested in knowing how to do it we invite you to continue reading this article.

Among Us Playing with Friends in Private Games

As a primary and somewhat obvious requirement we remind you that all your friends must have Among Us installed. Whether on iOS or Android mobile devices or computers. Since it does not matter which device they have, you can play together.

among us playing with friends

Create a Host Party

If you wish to host the room where you are going to play with your friends It is important that you consider the following steps that we will show you below:

  • Open the game and in the main menu of Among Us you must go to the option that has the name: “Play Online”.
  • After pressing there you must select in the option that it has like name: “To be Host”.
  • Then a window will appear to you dedicated to the personalization of the game. If you don’t know much about the subject, we still recommend leaving the default settings.
  • Then click on create game and will appear in the room created. There, in the lower central part of the screen, you can see the room code.
  • To invite your friends to the room you have already created, just give them the code already mentioned. This code is characterized by different letters and 6 digits.

Final Recommendations for Among Us Playing with Friends

As a last recommendation to avoid unknown players sneaking into your newly created room. You should press the green button in the lower left area that says: “Public”. As the room is public, it will be recommended to other crew members who are looking for games.

When you do this, the green button will turn red and will have the name: “Private”. Once everyone enters the among Us room to play with friends, you can press the button located in the central part. This button has the name: “Start” and can only be used with a minimum of 4 players.

However, we recommend that if you are not 10 friends in total, you put the room back in public. This way the room can be filled with unknown crew members and you can have the best possible experience with your friends. Remember that the more players the more fun the games will be.

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