Among Us Pink. What is it and how does it work?

Among Us Pink is a modification to the video game of the moment Among Us. Since this, it works as a mod that modifies the visual aspect of the game without affecting the playability or aspects of the game.

Because it changed the visuals already mentioned the mongUs Pink has taken a strong popularity. So we thought it was very interesting to show you what it is about and how you can have it in your game.

Because of this, we recommend you to continue reading and if you like we recommend you to use this mod because it is safe and unlike others it offers you a complete aesthetic change without any difficulty.

What is Among Us Pink

As we mentioned before Among Us Pink is a mod available for Among Us and was created by three girls. It is also basically a new version of the game.

This band is from South Korea and has a huge fan base in the West. So this is also one of the factors of the current popularity of the mod. It was released on 10/23/2010 and mainly features Jennie, Lisa, Jisoo and Rosé.

Also the mod modifies the soundtrack that so much characterizes the classic Among Us. Since they added songs from the band Black Pink to offer more immersion to the fanaticism. In addition the three girls who have created this mod are from Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.

among us pink

Download Among Us Pink

Among Us is a game that is constantly being updated. Due to its great popularity and all the changes that the developers want to make to the game. For this reason the mods for the game as in the case of this one in particular are usually outdated.

Because in the best style of other games like Minecraft. After upgrading to a new version the external changes are outdated too. For this reason we cannot offer you a direct link to download the mod, because in case all this happens you will have an outdated link.

However, we can leave you the official Twitters of the creators so that you can download the latest versions from the official accounts. The girls who created the mod are constantly evolving and offer help and suggestions.

@AmongPinkGame (Twitter).
@AmongPinkGame (Instagram).

Guide to Activate the Mod

There are two versions to date available for Android and Windows computers. Through their social networks the girls have made it known that the apple version was very difficult for them to carry out, however the steps to use the mod in both cases are possible:


  • After successfully downloading the mod go to the installation folder of Among Us. The name of the folder is: “Among Us_Data”.
  • After opening the folder, copy and paste the 3 single files into the downloaded mod folder.
  • Then you must also copy and paste the folder named: “Mods” in the same place and that’s it.


In the case of android you only have to download the mod and then install it. This way the procedure works automatically and you don’t have to do anything but wait.

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