Among Us. Differences between PCs and Mobiles

Among Us has a strong active community of players on different devices. Therefore it is common to search: “Among Us Differences between PC and Mobile“. Because of it in this article we are for showing you which they are and of that they treat.

If you are in doubt about which device is better to play after reading this article you will know. However it is important to note that the differences do not directly affect the gameplay.

Since in any of the devices you can play the game is the same method. That said, we invite you to continue reading all the information we have prepared for you.


Within Among Us Differences between PC and Mobile we highlight money as one of the most important. Since the version of Among Us for mobiles is completely free and the version for Windows is paid.

This is because in the free version for mobiles the creators can obtain income by means of publicity. In the case of the version for the Windows operating system is only possible to buy the game through Steam or the official website.

Because of this feature of free game is that the community of Among Us has grown so much in such a short time. In addition it is a simple game to download from the different app stores available and is very fast to download in both cases.

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In order to achieve visual changes in your characters it is necessary to make micro payments within Among Us. In this way you will be able to obtain different costumes adapted to your taste. It is also possible to buy hats to combine with clothing and / or pets.

For this reason, if you are interested in enjoying all the content of the store we recommend you to use the Windows version. When you buy the game you can have the whole store available but only with the exception of the pets. This will cost you an extra amount.

However, in the case of mobiles the matter is more complex. Because each costume, hat or pet has a cost between 1$ and 3$ aprox. Since this is one of the many methods of profit of the game developers.


The ads are often annoying and uncomfortable. Since they usually make an appearance at times of changing scenarios or simply at the end of a game. It is this last one that has more act of presence in Among Us for mobiles.

Since one of the methods to generate income and keep the game being free is advertising. However, it cannot be considered as a disadvantage when comparing it with the Windows version. Since in the mobiles you have the possibility to pay a low cost and thus eliminate the advertising forever from Among Us.

So if you are one of those who find advertising very annoying and unpleasant we recommend you pay to remove it. In addition there is also the possibility of using only the version for Windows.

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