Among Us Maps. What they are and their characteristics

The different Among Us maps have different characteristics and aspects to consider. Because of that, in this article we are going to show you which are all and their main characteristics.

Since the size of them varies and the missions within each one are usually the same. However, some have other missions or tasks available. Having said this we invite you to continue reading the whole article so you can know all the information we have prepared for you.

Among Us Maps

As we already mentioned there are several maps Among Us in fact there are a total of 3 different ships to play with. However, when we start playing we usually do it in only one due to habit and comfort.

But we recommend you to venture into the different maps in order to live different experiences. That said, we present you below which are the 3 maps available in Among Us and their main characteristics.

among us maps


Skeld is probably the most popular map within the huge community of players of Among Us. Since it was the first map created by the owners and designers of the game. In addition this map has a total of 14 different rooms where players can enter and exit.

It also has air vents for impostors in strategic locations to provide fluidity and opportunity to kill. Without leaving to mention that it possesses a room of security where you can see the cameras of the ship.

For all these features for many it is considered as the main map or ship of Among Us. This is above the other Among Us maps.

  • Total rooms available: 14.
  • Launch date: 15 / 06 / 2018.

Watch HQ

Of the three maps Among Us Mira HQ was the second to be released within the game for the enjoyment of players. It also has a space station as its main environment and its size is very similar to Skeld. Since the acceptance of the first map launched by the creators of the game was very good.

It also allows you to have ventilation grids for your escapes or camouflages if you play as impostors. In addition to the possibility of sabotaging critical areas of the space station and blocking doors. All this through the ability to sabotage as in the Skeld map.

  • Total rooms available: 13.
  • Launch date: 08 / 08 / 2019.


Polus is the last map available in Among Us at the time of this article. It is also considered by many to be the most complicated map to be an impostor. However, there are many players who enjoy playing on it.

Of the Among Us maps available so far this is the only one that has a research base as its main environment. Besides being the biggest map of Among Us up to now.

Its security systems are very similar to those available in the first mentioned map (Skeld). However, instead of finding grids you will find craters in the ground for impostors.

  • Total rooms available: 22.
  • Launch date: 12 / 11 / 2019