Is Among Us Suitable for Children?

Among Us is a very simple game to install and does not require advanced technical requirements to play. Due to this ease of access the community within the largest game is undoubtedly children and adolescents. So many parents ask themselves, Is Among Us Suitable for Children?

The truth is that there are different risks that children can be exposed to within the game. Because of this, in this article we have taken the time to show you each one of them. If you want to know more, we recommend you to read this article carefully.

What is Among Us

Among Us is a multiplayer game created by InnerSloth available for mobiles and the Windows operating system. It takes place inside a damaged ship and completely stranded in the middle of the immensity of space.

Due to it, the players inside each game are crewmen with the only mission to repair the ship and to be able to follow the course. Besides repairing, they must also take care of their companions. Since there are impostors with the function of not allowing everything to go correctly.

For most people both roles available are fun to play. Since the main charm of the crew is to investigate and identify impostors while repairing the ship. On the other hand, impostors sabotage the facilities and kill their fellow crew members.

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There are two ways to win as a crew member: eliminate the impostors or repair the ship completely. And in the case of impostors to win they must kill all the crew members or sabotage the ship until a critical area is damaged.

Is Among Us Fit for Children?

Although one of the functions within the game is to eliminate the other games. It is important to note that it is not a violent game. It is not sensitive or offensive. So it can be considered as a perfect title of intrigue and betrayal to generate discussions between players.

However, it is also very important to note that such discussions often use offensive words. Especially when playing with strangers. Since you cannot control what kind of people you will play with in each game.

Besides, inside the game the characters are astronauts with different colors and with the possibility of disguising them. So Among Us is visually attractive for all the kids in the house.

In fact the minimum recommended age to enjoy this title is 10 years old. Due to all the above mentioned, Among Us can be considered as a game without the capacity to affect children psychologically.

Chat Rooms and their Dangers

The main risk for children in this game is in the in-game chat. Since it is possible that depraved or ill-intentioned people may have contact with the child. Because even though we don’t like to accept it. The Internet is an ideal setting for perverts and bullies.

For this reason we recommend that you allow your child to enjoy Among Us but only under sporadic supervision. In addition, it is possible for them to play with their friends or acquaintances. In this way he will have as little contact as possible with strangers.

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