Alternatives to Discord for Playing Among Us

The popularity of Among Us has brought about a considerable increase in downloads to Discord. Since Discord is currently the most popular medium through which many players choose to communicate with each other. But it is important to know that there are good alternatives to Discord for playing Among Us.

In addition, there are people who do not want to use Discord or who simply want to use other software or mobile applications. Due to this last mentioned we have created this article with the intention of helping you to know which are the best alternatives to Discord.

Without further ado, we invite you to continue reading the entire article so that you may know all the most recommended alternatives.

The Best Alternatives to Discord to Play Among US

In this section we have gathered for all of you 6 excellent alternatives to Discord to play with your friends at Among Us. So we recommend you to read each one of the options carefully. In addition to checking what devices are available. This way you will be able to understand the general characteristics of each one.

alternatives discord among us


TeamSpeak is a voice chat service with a very large community of active users. It offers a very good quality in terms of its interface and it is also very easy to understand and therefore to use.

Also TeamSpeak as well as Discord is available at: Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Linux. So your friends will find it easy to use the app to play Among Us with you.

  • Available in: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android.


Mumble stands out from the rest of the options because it offers unbeatable audio quality for calls made between users. In fact, Munble can be considered one of the pioneers in the world of voice chats.

For this reason, over the years they have optimized their service to offer an intuitive and high quality interface. It is also an open source software and offers a function to automatically read text messages.

The latter will help you a lot to keep your eyes on the character while playing Among Us.

  • Available at: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and MacOS.

Twitch App

The Twitch application was previously known as Curse but Twitch bought it not long ago. This application is perfect because it is mainly focused on the gaming world and offers a very good voice chat.

Besides, nowadays there are many players who have the application for other uses without knowing about this excellent functionality. Due to all of the above, the Twitch application is one of the best alternatives to Discord for playing Among Us.

  • Available at: Windows, Android, MacOS and iOS.


RaidCall works very well and is probably the least popular alternative to Discord on this list. However, it is an excellent software and stands out for its interface quality and platform in general.

It also does not increase your lag while you are on call as this is its main function. So if you have a low internet connection, RaidCall may be your best option.

  • Available at: Windows.


Telegram is one of the most widely used instant messaging applications today because of its quality. It also has excellent call quality and works very smoothly.

  • Available at: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and MacOS.


Whatsapp is today the most used instant messaging service in the world and for this reason most people use it. Because of this it will not be a problem for your friends to access whatsapp as they will probably already be using it on a daily basis.

  • Available at: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and MacOS.

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