Among Us – How To Play & Download Free Here

Among Us has become a simple but ideal game to spend good times among friends. Its simplicity and novel gameplay make the experience incredible. Between the most remarkable characteristics of the game stands out the sensation of distrust between the players and uncontrollable laughs for diverse reasons.

For this last mentioned it is that Among Us has turned into the game of fashion of the 2020. Getting an approximate of up to 60 million players a day and increasing considerably the number of downloads of Discord.

For these reasons we will show you below all the necessary information about the game so that you know it in depth. That said, we invite you to continue reading.

What is Among Us?

As we mentioned in the introduction, Among Us is a simple but fun game to play with friends or strangers. Because of this it is ideal to be played by people over 10 years old.

The game consists of a maximum number of 10 players inside a ship. With the innovative premise that within these players there are impostors that must be identified before they take over the ship.

For this reason the players are divided into two different sides: the crew and the impostors. It is usually common for games to be played by 2 impostors. However, it is possible to personalize the games and allow a maximum number of up to 3 impostors on the ship.

It is also important to mention that the role selection for each player is random. Therefore each game is different and it is never possible to know who the impostor is just by starting.

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What are the Crewmen

It can be said that the crewmembers are the “good guys” inside the ship. Since their main objective is to repair the ship completely and discover who the impostors inside the ship are.

To win as crewmembers you will have two different ways: discovering the impostors through group discussions or repairing the ship with missions. Usually players focus on discovering the impostors in the ship. But we recommend you to never stop doing missions if you have to be a crew member.

What are Impostors

The role of the impostor in Among Us is often the reason why many players enter the games. Since it is undoubtedly fun to cheat and eliminate crewmembers. In addition your main task is to win at all costs.

For them he has as tools the possibility of sabotaging areas of the ship that if not repaired will destroy the ship. Such areas are: the reactor and the oxygen. He can also sabotage the lighting to considerably diminish the vision of the crew members, forcing them to repair the lighting as soon as possible.

In this role it is important to take care of every movement. Since all players are looking for impostors and if you move around the ship for no reason you will surely be caught. Besides, just like the crew members, the impostors have two ways to win: kill most of the crew members or sabotage the ship.

How to Download Free Among Us PC (Windows)

If you want to start enjoying the experience that Among Us offers you in PC it is important that you know the three ways to do it. Until the moment of making this article it is only possible to do it with the three ways that we are about to show you.

Download Among Us on Steam

Steam is a platform that allows us to download free and paid games of high quality. In the case of this particular game you can download it after paying for it. But don’t worry, the price is very low and it’s very easy to do.

All you have to do is go to the official Steam website and create an account. Once you do so, log in to Steam and place the game in your shopping cart. Because Steam works like the vast majority of online stores. After placing it in the shopping cart you just have to buy it and download it.

Download the Game from the Official Website

Buying the game from the official website is very easy as well as the above mentioned method. Since you only have to access the link that we will provide at the end of this section and click on the name button: “Download”.

After that you will see that the amount to pay for the game is not specified exactly but the minimum is 5$. You are also allowed to pay less than $5 or simply nothing but you will only be allowed to download the APK for Android.

When you pay for the Windows version of the game you will have all the hats available. By paying for this wonderful game you will be contributing to the creators. As they are in the process of creation to bring an updated and new version.

Play Free from PC with BlueStacks Help

If what you are looking for is to play Among Us for free on your computer or PC the best option is Bluestacks. Since this program or software works as an emulator for Android from your computer with the Windows operating system.

To do this the first thing is to download the Bluestacks emulator in the direct link that we will leave at the end of this section. Once you have the emulator installed on your computer you must open it. It is important that you know that the first time you open it will take a while. Since it is common for people to panic after downloading it.

Then you can download the game from the application search engine that the Bluestacks platform offers. You install it like any other Android application and if there are no strange mishaps you can play it without any problem.

Besides being able to enjoy this game with Bluestacks you will be able to play many more games. However, we recommend you to always play official titles. Since downloading APK or external files can be risky for the security of your computers.